This music connects us to our ancestors and history and each other, no matter where we come from. I sing as a way to remember and honor past generations and to draw on the strength and beauty of their song and stories as we travel forward.

I am drawn to the melody, rhythm and quirky words--the old sounds--as much or sometimes even more than the story behind the song. And most of all it's the indescribable, soulful feeling behind the ballads that captivates me. It doesn't much matter whether a song is happy or sad, it's the singing that fills me up, and I wish that for anybody in earshot.

My Work centers on:

  • Sharing and passing on old songs, especially to younger generations
  • Creating & presenting music programs for a variety of audiences
  • Writing new music

My intention is that my music will:

  • Honor tradition bearers
  • Elicit feeling
  • Explore new musical directions through collaborations and work across cultures
  • Contribute to a sustainable and compassionate culture